City of Oak Ridge

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About Oak Ridge
     ---Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce
     ---Oak Ridge Convention and Visitor's Bureau
     ---Oak Ridge City Charter
     ---Where We Are
Animal Shelter
Agenda Packets
     ---Current Agendas
     ---Agenda Archive
American Museum of Science and Energy

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Boards and Commissions
     ---Beer Permit Board
     ---Board of Building and Housing Code Appeals
     ---Board of Electrical Examiners
     ---Board of Plumbing Examiners
     ---Board of Zoning Appeals
     ---Convention and Visitor's Bureau
     ---Elder Citizens' Advisory Board
     ---Environmental Quality Advisory Board (EQAB)
     ---Health and Educational Facilities Board
     ---Highland View Redevelopment Advisory Board
     ---Industrial Development Board
     ---Oak Ridge Housing Authority
     ---Personnel Advisory Board
     ---Traffic Safety Advisory Board
     ---Youth Advisory Board
Building Permits
Business Tax Instructions

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Census Data
City and Industrial Development Board Properties
City Bid Requests
City Charter
City Clerk
City Court
City Employment Information
     ---Personnel Department
     ---Employment Information
     ---Current Vacancies
City Manager
City Statistics
Code of Ordinances
ComDev Building Permit Instructions
Community Development
Computer Services
Convention and Visitor's Bureau
Council Agendas
     ---Current Agendas
     ---Agenda Archive
Customer Inquiry Center
     ---Customer Service Request Ticket

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     ---Animal Shelter
     ---City Clerk
     ---City Manager
     ---City Court
     ---Community Development
     ---Computer Services
     ---Economic Development
     ---Electric Department
     ---Finance Department
     ---Fire Department
     ---Legal Department
     ---Personnel Department
     ---Police Department
     ---Public Works
     ---Recreation & Parks

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Economic Development
Elder Citizens' Advisory Board
Electric Department
Electrical Permit Application
Environmental Quality Advisory Board

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Finance Department
     ---Main Finance Department Page
     ---Budget Information
     ---Capital Improvements Program (CIP)
     ---Financial Reports
     ---Property Tax
Fire Department

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Geographic Information System (GIS)
     ---City GIS Website and Parcel Search
     ---Tennessee Real Estate Assessment Data
     ---State Comptroller
     ---Google Maps
     ---Microsoft Live Map
     ---Geocaching in Tennessee

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Health and Educational Facilities Board
Highland View Redevelopment Advisory Board
Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

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Industrial Development Board

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Legal Department
     ---Anti-Discrimination Statement
     ---Library Catalog

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Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce
Oak Ridge City Charter
Oak Ridge Convention and Visitor's Bureau
Oak Ridge Housing Authority
Oak Ridge Housing Design Program
Oak Ridge Licenses and Permits Info
Oak Ridge Municipal Planning Commission
Oak Ridge Schools
Oak Ridge Standard Construction Requirements
Oak Ridge/East TN Real Estate Listings

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Personnel Advisory Board
Personnel Department
     ---Employment Information
     ---Current Vacancies
Police Department
     ---Animal Control
     ---Drug Office
     ---Neighborhood Watch
     ---Power Squad
     ---School Resource
Property Tax Lookup
Public Works
PUD Ordinance

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Real Estate Assessment Data
Recreation & Parks

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Secret City Commemorative Walk
Secret City Excursion Train
Secret City Festival
Sign Permit Application
Sign Regulations
Subdivision Regulations

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Temporary Sign Permit Application
TND Ordinance
To sign up for Green Power
Traffic Safety Advisory Board

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Utility Bill Payment
Utility Services
     ---Look up Your Utility Bill
     ---Solar Energy Information

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Youth Advisory Board

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Zoning Ordinance